Fast Confirm demonstration

A simple example

Fast Confirm is another very lightweight, easy to use and efficient jQuery plugin. It is designed to ask the user for confirmations in an easy and smooth way. You can easily make the bubble appear on top, right, bottom or left side.

Also, it supports CSS3 to allow modern browser users to have a better experience while keeping HTML as lightweight as possible. But, wait! Old browser users will still have a degraded but nice experience too.

Just try to click the button !

What about forms ?

Since version 2.0, you can also let Fast Confirm take care of the event handling. It's really useful with forms, and it is totally unobtrusive. With version 1.x, you had to use a button instead of a submit, and manually submit the form in your code in the onProceed method.

This is not the case with version 2.x. Just take a regular form, and apply Fast Confirm to it, with the right parameters.

Also, you can decide to open the confirm box on any element contained within the element you applied FastConfirm to. In this example, I decided to make the confirm box open on the submit button inside the form element, as it feels more natural than opening the box in the middle of the form.

Here is a little example, with a simple plain old form.

Some input:

The same thing without the "targetElement" parameter would be something like this, which can be far less intuitive (by the way, notice how opening this confirm box will close any other opened boxes):

Some input:

One more thing...

Version 2.0 means redesigning. And not only about the little things you saw above. Fast Confirm now supports a better, more consistent way of calling internal methods. If you're familiar with jQueryUI (and a lot of other plugins), you will probably feel comfortable with this new way.

For the moment, there's only one method you can call : $(trigger).fastConfirm('close'). Obviously enough, it will close the confirm box binded with the trigger element.